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Our Focus is:

Any High School Athlete looking for college baseball or softball program

Any Junior College Athlete looking to TRANSFER to a 4-Year College or University

Any 4-Year College Athlete looking to TRANSFER to another College or University

Customize your own recruiting service below:

Below are FOUR ways Double B Recruiting can help you succeed in the RECRUITING PROCESS:

1.) Creating a Recruiting Video that makes you stand out – GARUNTEED

2.) Using Bobby Bride’s personal connections to Communicate w/ College Coaches across the country

3.) By PROMOTING you through all Double B Recruiting social media accounts

4.) Listen, learn and create a personalized Recruiting Plan with Bobby Bride through Online or In Person Communication

Watch this video to learn more about how Double B Recruiting can help you…..

receive The items below for FREE when you 

Purchase recruiting Video or player evaluation:

Top 20 List

To get you started in the recruiting process, Double B Recruiting will offer you 1 FREE Top 20 List! ($30 Value)

1 Online Meeting

To help get the recruiting process started, you will get to talk to Bobby Bride 1-on-1 through an Online Meeting to create a recruiting plan and answer any questions you might have. ($70 Value)

Promote You To College Coaches

We promote you to college coaches on your behalf. Help you find the best fit for you. Promote you until you sign your Letter of Intent ($150 value)

get these items above for free by purchasing Recruiting Video or Evaluation ($250 Value):

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