“What initially impressed me about Bobby was that he started teaching my son Dylan a comprehensive knowledge and respect for the game of baseball at the very first lesson. He has also been proactive in attending Dylan’s games, giving him encouragement and feedback. With the help of Bobby’s instruction and training over the past four years, Dylan has been a regular starter, consistent in leading his team in hitting and now going on to fulfill his dream of playing college baseball. I highly recommend Bobby to any parent who is looking for an all-around trainer for their son or daughter.”

Doug Fitzgerald

CEO, The Simplified Network, LLC; Fitzgerald Fitness, Inc.; (Partner - HSsportz.com)

“Bobby Bride has privately coached our 16 yr old son for 3 years now. If you’re looking for someone who knows baseball and can help your son take his game to the next level, Bobby is your guy.

He does a phenomenal job of teaching not just solid fundamentals, but the intangibles such as strong work ethic, the mental side of the game and doing their best. He isn’t one of those hitting coaches who tells your son that he needs to change everything about his swing, but rather he improves upon what the player is already doing. Bobby understands that there’s more than one right way to hit well and be successful.

Bobby is a generous and giving leader to the athletes that he trains. He also does a tremendous job of of guiding his athletes in the area of college recruiting. To say that he knows what he’s talking about would be an understatement. It’s obvious that Bobby Bride genuinely cares about the athletes he coaches, as well.

Our son has greatly enjoyed working with Bobby, and he has become a life-long friend to our family. He teaches discipline, hard work and dedication to his athletes and it is reflected not only in their performances on the ball field, but in their schoolwork and their attitudes as well”

Susan Bohling

Mother of student

“My son has worked with Bobby on and off for 3 years. Bobby is a motivator and provides a great opportunity where kids can learn with ease and strengthen their baseball skills to be much better athletes and baseball players.”

Eric Peterson

Father of student

“Bobby has worked with Max throughout his select and high school baseball career. Bobby knows baseball – no question. From mechanics to work ethic and the mental game, Bobby is an excellent coach and mentor and has helped my son develop into the player he is today. Bobby has been our advisor during the recruiting process as well – he has been a great coach and family friend. He couldn’t have done it without him!”

Shelly Martin

Mother of Student

“Bobby is a great local resource when it comes to baseball. He is a guy that is always around the game and knows the game. I would recommend anyone trying to play at the next level to visit Double B Baseball”

Joe Bisenius

Former MLB Pitcher (Washington Nationals & Phillidephia Phillies) - Current Area Scout for the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Twins

“Bobby has been great to work with! Bobby has worked with our son over this past year and have seen growth in his power as well as a better understanding of self-correction. This year our son is combining hitting and catching training as he enters high school. Bobby has a different approach then the personal coaches we have used in the past. Bobby combines mechanics with a mental approach to the game. These little difference is what makes Bobby unique. We look forward to working with Bobby to continue to have our son grow and develop in baseball.”

Mony LaMarre

Mother of Student


Bobby Bride Baseball
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Phone: (913) 575-2987
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